Bride + Bridal Party

Bride + 1 attendant: $300, (includes travel within 15 miles and premium lashes if desired)

Bride + 2 attendants: Bride: $150, attendants: $95 (travel may be additional)

Bride + 3-4 Attendants: Bride: $140, Attendants: $85

Bride + 5-6 attendants: Bride: $125, attendants: $80

Bride + 7 or more attendants: Bride: $120, attendants: $75 (large party discount) (may require second artist)

Mother of the Bride/Mother of the Groom/Grandmothers/Aunts: Priced as Attendants

Junior Bridesmaid Makeup (age 11-15, no false lashes): $50

Flower Girl Makeup (age 6-10): lipgloss, blush, highlight, shimmer eyeshadow, mascara): $25

Flower girls (under age 6): Complimentary lipgloss, blush and highlight.

Bride Only Package

My Bride Only Package is $300, is broken up into 3 payments, and includes:

  • Trial Makeup (on a day before your wedding)

  • My travel within 15 miles on the wedding day (locations with a greater distance will be subject to a mileage-based travel fee of 0.65cents per mile.).

  • Your bridal makeup on your wedding day

  • Double thick Premium lashes (if desired)

  • Travel size touch-up kit (cute canvas bag includes products in that bride can use for touch-ups during the wedding, and supplies to remove long-wearing lip and eye products at the end of the night; worth $65)

After a bride has officially booked me for her wedding, any other wedding-related makeup dates are available at a discounted rate!

Makeup for Bridal Shower, Engagement Photoshoot, Engagement Party, Bachelorette Party, Etc: Starting at $75 each

Bridal Trial Sessions: Starting at $75

A trial on a day before your wedding is suggested! Trials allow you to ask questions or express any concerns in person, and guarantee we can nail down every detail of your wedding day makeup look!

Trials include:

  • 1 hour and 15 minutes of one-on-one time

  • Detailed consultation to determine wedding colors, wedding theme (if any), skin type, and preferences to create your customized makeup look.

  • full face Makeup application with 1-3 eye or lip changes

  • false lashes

  • before and after photos

  • detailed product and color list of items used during the trial for reference on the wedding day (artist keeps this)

I offer this service for a minimum of 2 hours, maximum of 4 hours. Hours must be consecutive and will begin at ceremony location 1 hour after all makeup is complete at first location. I will touch up each person before photos, after the ceremony, and before the grand reception entrance. price per hour for touch-ups is dependent upon how many people are involved.


  • My travel to ceremony or reception location within 7 miles from original location.

  • unlimited touch-ups on all members of the bridal party that myself or my assistants originally did makeup work on.

  • an optional makeup change for the bride: darkening of eyeshadow and lip color change for her reception entrance.

  • Basic Touch-up kit with powder puff, sample of powder, lipstick, mini lash glue, straw, compact mirror to keep your face in tip top shape after I leave.

On-Location Touch-Ups: Starting at $75/hr

My business hours begin at 7am. If we need to start earlier than 7am, I require a $50 early start fee for each hour before 7am, or a $25 early start fee for each half hour before 7am. I do not start work earlier than 4am.

Early Start Fee: For jobs starting before 7am

Applies to situations in which:

  • there are more than 7 people receiving makeup services

  • there is a small window in which we need to have a large group completed

  • there is an early time of completion and a large group

  • The bride or party would like to start at a more “sleep friendly” hour

I have a small pool of very experienced licensed makeup artists I can bring with me. This payment goes towards part of the artist’s payment for the day.

Second Artist Fee: $125 per additional artist

This amount covers my travel time in the car, wear and tear on my vehicle and fuel costs.

in addition, All parking/valet costs at locations must be covered by bride.

Travel Fee: 0.70cents per mile, roundtrip.

Any locations over 2 hours (or 100 miles one way) from my home must provide reasonable accommodations for artist the night before the event, as close to the location of preparation as possible. It is too risky to travel that far of a distance on the same day as the event (potential car trouble, traffic, accident, etc. which could cause me to be late.)


In any case where travel time one-way exceeds 3 hours, flights and rental cars are required. All costs must be covered by bride. If traveling time in total exceeds one full day, an additional “travel day” rate charge applies.

Flights/Rental Cars